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What you’re looking at is a new coconut oil company rooted deeply in California’s communities. We are dedicated to creating more jobs for people who work with their hands, while being conscious of our planet.

By supporting PureLife you

— Help keep plastic off your body and your planet
— Help create jobs for Californians
— Help keep harmful chemicals off your body

--Treat yourself to the best coconut oil on the planet

Most importantly you have made new friends with us!!!

You have taken a leap of faith on a small company with HUGE plans.
We greatly appreciate your support and we would love to connect with you! Reach out to us here:



We are committed to change. Sometimes, something new isn’t all that bad. In fact, sometimes it’s better.

Large companies have a grasp on margins and profits. And sometimes it seems that they loose sight of what is important. OUR BODIES. What you put on your body everyday.

Do you trust what is in your household items?

From soap to what’s in your fridge.

Have you ever bothered to research some of those ingredients that you can’t pronounce?

What are they? Why are the even present?

What is SLS?

What is BPA? What has BPA in it?

What are phthalates? What products contain it?

Why do I care????


We are committed to discovering what is important in products and finding a way around them.

Sometimes the answer is simpler than it seems. Going back to the basics. Getting away form all the “HOOP-LA”


When should you start thinking about all these problems? NOW

When should you consider changing the products that go in your body? YESTERDAY

When should you do some research on unnecessary chemicals that are harmful?….. Hmm.


PureLife is based out of Northern California and operates on a small scale to keep prices reasonable


PureLife is ran solely by us. Brandon and Jessica.

Get to know us!! Call us, E-mail us, Join us, we would love to get to know more people that share our same passion for health.

Can’t wait to hear from you!