Coconut Soap Bars

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This is our line of coconut oil soaps.


These soaps are hand crafted by us with organic 100% virgin coconut oil.

We have 6 options

1) The Standard Bar. (Body/Shampoo)

This bar is 100% organic coconut oil. With HUGE fatty levels, it retains a very moisturizing  feel. This bar has NO SCENT and can be used as shampoo. It leaves you feeling amazing after a nice shower. You don't need sensitive skin to enjoy this bar, but it works great if your skin is picky!! 

Simply put- this is our most basic bar. 

2) The TRIPLE Coconut

Mmmmmmmmmm... that's what most people say when they smell this bar. BUT it feels even better than it smells. 

This bar is made from 100% organic coconut oil, olive oil and naturally refined Shea butter. The bar has coconut fragrance and is mixed with COCONUT SHAVINGS for an added scrub. This is a personal favorite at the PureWhite shop! 

3) The BREEZE Bar

This bar holds the smell of rich vanilla butter and looks even better!! That lovely blue comes from cobalt and makes this bar a perfect addition to our line of natural soaps.

Spread some love and drift away with the BREEZE Bar

4) The DOUBLE Coconut

This bar is made from 100% Organic Coconut Oil and all natural unrefined Shea butter. with a natural coconut fragrance. The DOUBLE is exactly the same as our TRIPLE, however the coconut shavings have been removed.

You will love it just as much as we do!!! 

 5) Activated Charcoal 

This bar has our natural soap blend with Activated Charcoal to really clean that dirt and grime from your skin! This Coconut Lemongrass bar will take you back to the beach every time you smell it!

This bar has been getting a lot of attention as an ACNE bar. We did not intend this to be an acne bar. BUT, take a look at some of our reviews. We believe that your body will begin healing its self if you remove all the crazy chemicals in this crazy world!! 

6) The Breeze bar

This bar is blue in color from cobalt, and feels even better. It has the fragrance of Vanilla Butter and makes for an amazing shower experience. 


*** We are not doctors, but we are doing something right.  


Sulfate-free. Paraben-free. Toxin-free. Filler-free. Harsh Chemical-free. Animal Testing-free. BPA-free. Phthalate-free